Spring cleaning

It's the 1st of April and I feel a fool, Im waiting on Mr.Ikea and his idea of "Thursday am" is a little different to mine!  I bought some shelving units as Im off for Mid-term and thought now would be a good time to spring clean and sort out my spralling craft stash.  We've had a few freak storms this week and a little snow, not very spring like at all, but the sun is trying his best to win the battle and has made the odd appearance today... so as I've been stuck in the house all morning, I decided to create a spring mood board to try and inspire me to get into the 'spring' of things. 


Ellie's Treasures said...

Love the laundry sign - what a good idea! Treasury's is cool too, all very springlike. Let's hope the sun continues to shine and no more dodgey weather!

Kellie said...

Thank you Ellie, I should be cleaning and preparing for new ikea arrivals... but im too easily distracted!