Folksy Friday #24

I wish I could hibernate...

I don't know about you, but these dark mornings are making it harder and harder for me to get up for work.  My duvet becomes my cocoon as I bury my head, I fall into the deepest of sleeps 5 minutes before the alarm is due to go off and I wish I could just stay there, safe, warm, cosy... I've hit 'snooze' 3 times now, I can hear the wind outside, the street lights are still on, the early morning traffic is coming to life...

I wish it was Saturday

....and if it was?  Id be wide awake and unable to lie in....ughhhhh

(pinks the link)

Fox Hare and Hedgehog Teapot - Mellor Ware

Hedgehog & Toadstools Knitting PDF Pattern - Fluff and Fuzz

Hedgehog Baby Booties - Funky Shapes

Hedgehog Purse - Beggars Bowl

Hedgehog Happy Birthday Mini Card - Koodles

Hedgehog Button set - Incy Wincy Stitches

Framed Personalised Retro Baby Print - Love from the Robinsons

Tiny Hedgehog - Moss Mountain

3 Little Dickie Birds

Ok so Ive finally got around to making up some new Domino Brooches, I started with 3 new bird designs....and ended up making 10 for Hallowe'en too, ill show them off tomorrow night, but for now, here's my 3 new birds

They have each been listed in my Folksy Shop and are now ready to fly off to their new homes...

"tweet, tweet"

Bird One :: Available on FOLKSY Now

Bird Two :: Available on FOLKSY Now

Bird Three :: Available on FOLKSY Now

Plastic Fantastic

Just wishing to share with you the wonderful work of artist/designer Gulnur Ozdaglar.  Since 2008 she has been producing cups, jewellery and home decoration accessories by recycling PET bottlesShe collects, heats, cuts, melts, drill holes into and reshapes PET bottles.  She thinks that the real solution is “upcycling” rather than plain recycling.  Check out her website for more inspirational work!

Folksy Friday #23

Who's Afraid of the big bad wolf?

Ohhhh its the perfect time of year for a wee dander in the woods, its my favourite season....the gorgeous, golden, crunchy leafy carpet and that perfect light that only comes with an autumnal sky.... on the hunt for mushroom and chestnut treasures or just going on a visit to see Grandma....i hope you enjoy your woodland adventure, just watch out for the big bad wolf!!

Silver & Gold A4 fine Art Print - Genevieve Cseh Art

Woodland Brooch - Little Peche

'What big teeth you have' Necklace - Penny Masquerade

Big Bad Wolf Amigurumin Pattern - Reeneegurumi

Little Red Riding Hood A5 Graphic Art Print - Sally Boyle: Applied Graphics

Little Red Riding Hood Cushion - Suzie & Me

Woodcutter's Cottage Stained Glass Decoration - Through The Round Window

Wanted Screenprint - The Yellow House

KillyLeagh Chocolate Festival

You may remember me mentioning here about going to the Killyleagh Chocolate Festival in the grounds of the gorgeous Killyleagh Castle....well just thought id share a few photos from the day...for some reason i dont have many actual photos of chocolate! but it was a gloriously sunny day filled with family cheer!

Folksy Friday #22

The timing is perfect!

OK, this is all a bit weird, this is my 22nd Folksy Friday, and today I got word that we will be moving into our new house on the 22nd of October... and also I have another little bit of news to do with our 15th anniversary on the 22nd of May next year...which I'm keeping under wraps for now ;) 

so this week Ive chosen the theme 'TIME' ....also because this is the latest Ive ever done my Folksy Friday, the excitement has just all been too much for me!!  (pinks the link)  ...have a lovely weekend everyone  :)

Dandelion Wish Silver Necklace - Ali Bali Jewellery

The Watch Assistant Necklace - Baltic

Cuff/Wallet Wrist Band - Beautiful Skin

"Still on PARIS time" Charm Necklace - Emily Loves Vintage

Vintage Properts Tin Clock - Fizzy Popov

Dandelion Wedding Invitations - GooseberryMoon

SECONDS Watch Parts Resin Bangle - PennyDog Jewellery

6 Hand Stamped Travel In Time Gift Tags - SteamPunkStorm