The BIG THANK YOU Give Away!!

As promised I have now started my Facebook give away to thank everyone for becoming a fan...and getting me over the 300 mark.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the image in my 'GIVE AWAY' Album on Facebook
- closing date Friday 9th July 2010 -


Giveaway includes:

  • Russian Doll Aplliqued Passport Cover
  • Little Owl Recycled Domino Brooch
  • 'Drink Me' Bottle pendant on an 18" Antiqued Brass Chain
  • Alice in Wonderland Greeting Card Set (5 cards & matching envelopes)
...ohhh, and some lovely chocolate :)
Thank you everyone!!! xx

Folksy Friday #13

School's out for Summer!

Well in Northern Ireland it is anyway :D   School officially finishes next Wednesday and what better way to celebrate than playing a little Alice Cooper on Guitar Hero! (this is not me, I am more of a 'beginner' level gamer)   As a Technician I work a few weeks of the summer, but can't wait for the teachers and pupils to finish....

"No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks"
(pinks the link)

Soft leather satchel - Hold on to your Handbag

Vintage Resistor and Capacitor Necklace - Bertie

GEEK! Mini Notebook - Senor Picklesworth

Childrens Alphabet - Hello Monkey

Geeky Science Mug - Mugnifique

Super Cool Apple Jacket - Rosie Plumpton

Lambswool Pencil Scarf - Sara Carr

Vintage Map Postcards - A Bird in the Hand

"We gotta get outta this place"

Some more photographs from our visit to the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum.... I love these images, I dream of someday having a wee cottage somewhere in the Irish countryside, sewing by an open fire, baking soda on the griddle and the smell of burning peat in the air...a few chickens, a small vegetable patch and a wild flower meadow...I don't ask for much, just the simple things make me happy.  Im a country bumpkin and should not be couped up in this city!!...please, release me!

Ok, Ok, but we'd have to have indoor plumbing...I honestly don't think I could cope wee-ing in here at 2am :/

Folksy Friday #12

The Joy of Socks

Im sure everyone has bags full of odd socks at home...just growing by the week...I bet you can't part with them and you're planning on sorting them one day?
...and maybe, just maybe, there will be one matching pair :D

A poem about Lost Socks

But if like me you never have any luck, why not take some inspiration from these great Folksy finds and put some joy back into those lonely socks once again!

(pinks the link)...i know there's alot here, but really, how could I leave one out? :/

Make your own Sock Hopper (pdf instructions) - Made by Kate

Ozzy the Sock Owl - TopCat's Corner

Sock Crocodile - Socklings

Rainbow the Sock Monkey - Katies Corner

Gardener Sock Bunny - Widget and Friends

Humbug Sock Cat - Pussy Galore

Bridgette Bones Sock Dog - Hotdog and Me

Sweetheart Sock Doll - Sock It To Me

Mommy Margo & Mini Mickey Sock Monkeys - OddSox

Sock Monster - Nancy Bee Buttons

Jester the Sock Creature - Tee Originals

Yer man!

Just thought id add a few photies from our wee trip to the Ulster Folk & Transport Museum... there's a Joey Dunlop exhibition running until the 26th of September...and as a life long fan I had to visit...his funeral was the biggest i've ever loved and a hero to many!  and if you ever visit Northern sure to sink a pint in Joey's Bar in Ballymoney :)

a wee bit about 'yer man!'....William Joseph "Joey" Dunlop, OBE (February 25, 1952 - July 2, 2000), was a world champion motorcyclist from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland, best known for road racing. Referred to throughout the sport as "Joey", in 2005 he was voted the fifth greatest motorcycling icon ever by Motorcycle News.  His achievements include three hat-tricks at the Isle of Man TT meeting (1985, 1988 and 2000), where he won a record 26 races in total. During his career he won the Ulster Grand Prix 24 times. In 1986 he won a fifth consecutive TT Formula One world title.
He was awarded the MBE in 1986 for his services to the sport, and in 1996 he was awarded the OBE for his humanitarian work for children in Romanian orphanages. Dunlop would often load up his race transporter and deliver clothing and food to the trouble spots of Bosnia and Romania. His humanitarian work was done without drawing attention to himself.

Joey Dunlop died in Tallinn, Estonia, in 2000 while leading a 125cc race (he had already won the 750cc and 600cc events). He appeared to lose control of his bike in the wet conditions and was killed instantly on impact with trees. As a mark of respect, the Estonian government's official website was replaced with a tribute to Dunlop within hours of his death. Northern Ireland television carried live coverage of his funeral. Fifty thousand mourners, including bikers from all parts of Britain and Ireland and people from all backgrounds in N. Ireland, attended the funeral to Garryduff Presbyterian church and his burial in the adjoining graveyard.

The most successful overall rider at the annual TT races is awarded the "Joey Dunlop Cup". A memorial statue was erected in his home town of Ballymoney. On the Isle of Man, a statue of Dunlop astride a Honda overlooks the Bungalow Bend at Snaefell and the 26th milestone area of the TT course has been renamed "Joey's".

J.P. Rooney and a big thank you!

I just want to say thank you to everyone that commented on my previous post 'My Daddy' and also all the lovely messages I received! ..... today was the 2nd anniversary and so id like to share one of my dads favourite artists with you. 
 Irish Artist J.P. Rooney....gorgeous, I love these so much! :)
thanks xx

Folksy Friday #11

Shoot Low Sheriff!
He’s ridin' a Shetland!

How many of you actually get to watch TV? come on now...if you have a partner like mine you'll most likely be priviledged to watch wee snippets here and there in between epic battles on Call of Duty : Modern Warfare! ...but i have to say, RED DEAD REDEMPTION has me hooked, theres an immense amount of detail, from the dust clouds on the ground to the sunlight streaming between mountains towards the end of the day.  Just watch this...awesome game!!

Oh...and remember...Dont squat with your spurs on!!  :D

(Pinks the link)

Autumn Colours Poncho by Candyfloss

Foal - Original Water Colour by Eastwitching

Country Cactus Studs Earrings by Very Vintage Designs

Hand Made Paper Notebook - Rocky Mountains Cowboy by Zuzushop

Upcycled Frame Purse by Lilidrawspictures

Pooches Bandana by Creative Knits

Personalised Cowboy Drawstring Bag by Polka Dots and Posies

and how can you have a Western theme without including....
Happy Birthday Hoss Card by Konnie Kapow!

My Daddy

I hate Fathers Day, I always parents divorced when I was 8 and within about 4 years my relationship with my dad had pretty much dissolved into nothing...years passed with little or no contact.  My dad meant the world to me, he would take us in the back of the van all over Ireland and we would sit and watch him fixing boats or working on someones farming machinery, we had many a memorable holiday in County Wicklow and to this day Powerscourt still gives me a tingle and I feel close to him when I'm there.  He raced bikes, fixed bikes and taught us how to ride from we were no height at all.
He had a massive heart attack when I was 19, I went to the hospital to see him but didn't know or recognise this man, I found it all very upsetting. When I was 21, I plucked up the courage and rang him, we met up a few times over the years, but there was always a slight awkwardness, I never really felt that he knew the real me.  He did however share the same passion for good food and wine as me and we chatted endlessly about Art...he had a huge art collection, mostly Irish artists...we both love J.P. Rooney. 

On Wednesday 11th June 2008 I woke with a strange feeling, you know those mornings where everything goes wrong and you just know somethings happened?  I eventually got ready for work and rang them whilst walking down the road to say I was running 10 or so minutes late...I wasn't even in work 15 minutes when I got a call from my older brother saying he just heard that dad had a stroke on Monday and was in the Causeway Hospital in Coleraine...after a few minutes of getting myself together and ringing around my other brother and sisters and my mum, I left work and headed home to pack a few things in order to get the next train down home...within half an hour I got a call from my sister that stopped my world....he had passed away.

I never got to say goodbye....

He had just turned 63 on the 7th of June....the funeral was Friday 13th and Fathers Day was on the 15th....not a good week, and the reason I still hate Fathers day!
Id give anything to have one last day with him....or one hour even.

Nanite Daddy, Sweet Dreams xx