Folksy Friday #12

The Joy of Socks

Im sure everyone has bags full of odd socks at home...just growing by the week...I bet you can't part with them and you're planning on sorting them one day?
...and maybe, just maybe, there will be one matching pair :D

A poem about Lost Socks

But if like me you never have any luck, why not take some inspiration from these great Folksy finds and put some joy back into those lonely socks once again!

(pinks the link)...i know there's alot here, but really, how could I leave one out? :/

Make your own Sock Hopper (pdf instructions) - Made by Kate

Ozzy the Sock Owl - TopCat's Corner

Sock Crocodile - Socklings

Rainbow the Sock Monkey - Katies Corner

Gardener Sock Bunny - Widget and Friends

Humbug Sock Cat - Pussy Galore

Bridgette Bones Sock Dog - Hotdog and Me

Sweetheart Sock Doll - Sock It To Me

Mommy Margo & Mini Mickey Sock Monkeys - OddSox

Sock Monster - Nancy Bee Buttons

Jester the Sock Creature - Tee Originals


FairlyGirly said...

You really would need a sock mountain for all of those. They are all great!

Socklings said...

What a great Folksy Friday - love them all and I love socks.

TopCat76 said...

Great finds, thanks so much for featuring Ozzy the Owl!! x

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

I like the Bee Buttons sock monster the best! Have a great weekend (-:

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Whoa - it feels like home seeing all these lovelies together! Thanks for letting Mom & Baby monkey join the party! x Shaz

Anonymous said...

Wow they are all so clever and bright, cant choose a favourite, too hard!

Gemma said...

Fantastic sock make finds! I just made a phone case out of one of my odd socks :)

maricesworld said...

Aw the crocodile is SO cute and different ;0)

Anonymous said...

Great sock creatures!! I love Jester! and the Sock Hoppers!