God Save McQueen

His designs were beautiful, brutal and bold. Dubbed 'enfant terrible' by the snooty fash pack, Alexander McQueen was never two feet away from controversy. However, love him or hate him no-one could deny that Alexander McQueen was indeed a true fashion genius and in my opinion the greatest British tailor.  McQueen made a huge impact on me whilst studying my Fashion Degree from '96 - '99.

'What attracted me to Alexander was the way he takes ideas from the past and sabotages them with his cut to make them thoroughly new and in the context of today. It is the complexity and severity of his approach to cut that makes him so modern. He is like a Peeping Tom in the way he slits and stabs at fabric to explore all the erogenous 
zones of the body'   
 - Isabella blow

Alexander McQueen tragically took his life this time last year and it is only fitting that a documentary paying tribute to him and his legacy should be aired in the midst of Fashion Week. You cannot talk about McQueen without mentioning the late Isabella Blow, the eccentric stylist who committed suicide herself  in 2007.  McQueen and I  is a retrospective look at McQueen and his relationship with Blow who made a massive impact on his life from the day he showed his graduate collection from Central Saint Martins, which Blow immediately snapped up. Since then she became his personal champion by guiding and nurturing his talents as well as  her muse.  McQueen and I contains some very interesting footage of Alexander and Isabella together and we get an insight into the deterioration of their relationship.

McQueen and I
  was aired last night but is available to view here on 4oD 


Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you to Natalie of NOfkantsCurios for nominating my wee blog for a
'Stylish Blogger Award' :)

I was linked alongside 14 other wonderful blogs, most of which I also follow.
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a. I met my partner when we were both 19 years old....15 years ago this May, our anniversary is also the due date of our first baby :)

b. I have a degree in Fashion & Textiles, but wish id done more with it.

c. I can burp the alphabet.

d. Im 5'1" small and have a birthmark in the shape of a crab above my left knee

e. I dream of owning my own Storm Troopers Armour and wearing it for a week solid.

f. Im from Portrush on the North Coast of Ireland and someday hope to move back to the seaside, its the best natural playground.

g. I ♥ Elvis...possibly a wee bit too much!!

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My wee stall @ FATC Feb 2011

Well we had a fantastic day at the Frock Around the Clock Vintage Fair, meet lots of lovely new people and a few Folksy faces too... just a few pics from my wee stall and to say that the next event Totally Bazaar will be held at the 
Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast
on Sunday 3rd April
from 11am - 4.30pm
come on down and say hello :)

Folksy Exhibitors include