Doodle Schmoodle Days 6, 8 & 7 to follow :/

Doodle Schmoodle Challenge!!

hosted by Bettys Place, check out all the great doodles already uploaded to the Flickr pool!

Day Six (24.7.10)
the theme was 'Im So Clever'

heres the template

and heres my doodle...

Day Seven (25.7.10)
The theme was 'My patchwork life'

heres the template

and im afraid ill have to come back to my doodle for this one....hit a mental block half way through!!! :/

Day 8 (26.7.10)
The theme was ' Where i like to go'

heres the template

and heres my doodle...

Day 9 (27.7.10)
The theme was 'If I were an animal'

heres the template

and heres my doodle...

Folksy Friday #16

"The Fuschia bright...but it's not orange!"

My Fuschias are finally grown and starting to flower :) yay!!!
I love them, such gorgeous, big, bouncy, layered pretty.

and so Ive searched Folksy for some Fuschia items...
heres what Ive found, hope you like them! (pinks the link)

Fuschia Beads with Leaves Dangle Earrings - Discerning Chi-Chi

Fuschia Butterfly Veiled Large Fascinator  - Imogen's Imagination

Fluorescent Fuschia Delectable Handbag - Heavenly Handbag

Little Hot Pink Ninja Companion - Lilley's

 Tiny Towers silkscreen print - Mengsel

Chunky Fuschia Heart - The Pretty Shop

Fuchsia Silk Purse, Hand Printed - Sabine Cornic

Bright Pink Raw Silk Bridesmaid’s/Party Dress - Michelle Samuels Design

Doodle Schmoodle day 3 & 4

Day Three (21.7.10)
The theme was 'Hobby Tastic...'
heres the template...

and heres my doodle... (bit dark, photographed at 11.30pm!)

Day Four (22.7.10)
The theme was 'Gallery...'

heres the template...


and heres my doodle...

Artists featured...
Dali, Warhol, Gormley, Rooney, Klimt, Van Gogh,
Blake, Hundertwasser & Beardsley


Doodle Schmoodle

Im taking part in a 30 day Doodle Challenge, being hosted by Betty's Place 

All you have to do is print the daily themed page and doodle on it!  There's also a Flickr pool for everyone taking part to upload their creations to.

Ill be posting all my doodles on my blog as I do them...although there may be a few days between blog posts :/

so here goes

Day One was yesterday (19.7.10)
The theme was 'Me Me Me...'

heres the template...

and heres my doodle...

Day Two (20.7.10)
The theme was 'My Pirate Self...'

heres the template

and heres my doodle...

roll on day 3........wonder what the theme will be :)

Taking Flight

I signed up to Noodle Bubbles Bird Swap mid June....(check her blog for the details)

Photos from the swap can be viewed in this Flickr Pool

So I wasnt sure exactly what I was going to make...would I just send one of my Domino Brooches?  I thought long and hard about it and decided I'd make something brand new for this swap, something I wouldn't normally list on Folksy...and something Id be happy to receive :)

I got my swap address a little over a week ago...mine is off to the Netherlands (lucky wee birdies!!)  But I actually only set about making it this morning (first chance Ive had) I decided to decoupage and hand stamp a set of birdies with the theme of "POST"

Here are the results, these will be flying off on Monday morning to the Netherlands! and Ill update you on how the swap has gone when these have been received and Ill also let you see what I receieve!

What a hoot...

Ive been off all week due to the Twelfth of July/Orangefest holidays in Northern Ive neglected my blog and missed doing the Folksy Friday...On Tuesday we went for a lovely wee drive to Junction One to buy some holiday clothes, and then onto Randalstown, and down to Springhill House in Moneymore.  On the way we spotted a sign for WORLD OF OWLS, how could we resist? We swung off the road and bounded down the lane quoting lines from the Alan Partridge episode where he takes his new lady love to the Owl Santuary. 

Id like to be able to say i loved the World of Owls, but it was a bit miserable and looked in need of a good clean...sorry!

So as I missed doing Folky Friday this week, Ive decided to showcase a few owl related items from Folksy today instead
(pinks the link)

Ceramic Owl Hanging - Dottery Pottery

Sleepy Owl Coin Purse - Haptree

Hanging Owl - Mia Design

3 Wise Owls - Owl Loves Panda

T'wit Ta'woo Silver Owl Stud Earrings - Sarah Birt

"Woodland Friends", 10" x 8" Print - Mochalulu

Cute Owl Couple - The Seven Seas

and how could I not include my own wee owl? ;)


Folksy Friday #15

Oh My...Octopi!

There's less than 4 weeks until our summer holidays...we're heading back to Crete and Im already dreaming of a pint of cold Mythos, some lovely crisp Calamari, stuffed vine leaves and fried Octopus, yum, yum!!  We went to Crete a few years ago and stayed just outside Agios Niklaos.  We made many a trip around the coast to Plaka, a small fishing village with a beautiful little pebbled cove and great view of Spinalonga Island (the former leper colony made famous by Victoria Hislops book 'The Island')  There are only 2 tavernas in Plaka both serving the most amazing fresh fish....and on the street outside, the local fishermen hang their fresh octopus on washing lines to dry. 

The term octopus is from Greek ὀκτάπους (oktapous) meaning "eight-footed" :)

enjoy the Octotastic selection from Folksy this week (pinks the link)

Vintage Sea-life Illustration Badges - Gifts Shack

Octopus Pin Cushion - Mini Felts

Octopus T-Shirt - Conker Love

Six Octopus Gift Tags Vintage style - Circusville

Ollie the Octopus - Laura's Jewellery

Octopus A3 Screenprint - Oh Badgers

Octopus Blank Childrens Card - Tiny Island

Orange Cthulhu Keyring - Fuzzy Freaks