Folksy Friday #15

Oh My...Octopi!

There's less than 4 weeks until our summer holidays...we're heading back to Crete and Im already dreaming of a pint of cold Mythos, some lovely crisp Calamari, stuffed vine leaves and fried Octopus, yum, yum!!  We went to Crete a few years ago and stayed just outside Agios Niklaos.  We made many a trip around the coast to Plaka, a small fishing village with a beautiful little pebbled cove and great view of Spinalonga Island (the former leper colony made famous by Victoria Hislops book 'The Island')  There are only 2 tavernas in Plaka both serving the most amazing fresh fish....and on the street outside, the local fishermen hang their fresh octopus on washing lines to dry. 

The term octopus is from Greek ὀκτάπους (oktapous) meaning "eight-footed" :)

enjoy the Octotastic selection from Folksy this week (pinks the link)

Vintage Sea-life Illustration Badges - Gifts Shack

Octopus Pin Cushion - Mini Felts

Octopus T-Shirt - Conker Love

Six Octopus Gift Tags Vintage style - Circusville

Ollie the Octopus - Laura's Jewellery

Octopus A3 Screenprint - Oh Badgers

Octopus Blank Childrens Card - Tiny Island

Orange Cthulhu Keyring - Fuzzy Freaks


Konnie Kapow! said...

brilliant! I love oct-o-pi!

Dannie said...

Oh I love the theme and the pin cushions!

Anonymous said...

Hehe how cute is the orange octopus at the bottom!! My daughter said she like him!


OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Oh I hope you have a fab holiday - we love going to the Greek islands, so relaxing & gorgeous food. Great Octopi facts and picks today - I really like the screenprint. x

Gemma said...

Your hol sounds lovely.
Love all your octipus finds. The cthulhu and card are very cute

Minifelts said...

Thanks for featuring my octopus pin cushion. Love the theme and the octopus t-shirt. x

NOfkantsCurios said...

They are all so cute, love the screen print and the little orange knitted fellow!

Natalie x

Esme Dodsworth said...

hehe so cool! all these are fab :-)

KataCat said...

ooh - you've made me hungry thinking of fresh octopus and calimari... Yum yum.

Brilliant collection - love the print and little card.

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Great post...i like the tags the best (-: