Taking Flight

I signed up to Noodle Bubbles Bird Swap mid June....(check her blog for the details)

Photos from the swap can be viewed in this Flickr Pool

So I wasnt sure exactly what I was going to make...would I just send one of my Domino Brooches?  I thought long and hard about it and decided I'd make something brand new for this swap, something I wouldn't normally list on Folksy...and something Id be happy to receive :)

I got my swap address a little over a week ago...mine is off to the Netherlands (lucky wee birdies!!)  But I actually only set about making it this morning (first chance Ive had) I decided to decoupage and hand stamp a set of birdies with the theme of "POST"

Here are the results, these will be flying off on Monday morning to the Netherlands! and Ill update you on how the swap has gone when these have been received and Ill also let you see what I receieve!


Michelle said...

they are very pretty :)

Kellie said...

thank you Michelle...just hope my swap buddy thinks the same xx

Yvonne Stewart said...

I think your swap buddy will be very happy :0)

Leanne said...

They're really lovely, I'm sure your swap partner is going to love them. I finished cutting all the futtery bits for mine yesterday and did the applique work, now I just have to put it all together:)

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

They're gorgeous - you should make some for your shop :)

Decadence Vintage said...

They are beautiful Kellie, and lucky wee birds flying off to the Netherlands! B x

NoodleBubble said...

Fab! they're lovely and fit the theme absolutely perfectly, hope they have a safe journey!

Have had a few emails - birds sent, recieved etc so am off to check the Flickr Pool- see if anything there (I've been away)