Folksy Friday #14

"How does your garden grow?..."

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses."
Abraham Lincoln

Ive finally got around to sorting the garden, the weather has been glorious and the weeds had run a-muck!  So, armed with my gloves, trowel and big bag of compost I got to arms got shredded from the rose bushes and I got a huge blister from brushing up...I looked like a mucky pup by the time id finished and collapsed in a heap on the floor!  We are now weed free and ive planted up some new pots and window boxes and can now fully enjoy relaxing in the garden, its so peaceful but now I want more...I cant stop looking at plants, even in Tescos doing our big shop, Ive been scouring Folksy too, just to see what else my garden 'needs' ;)  Ive come across some great finds, have a nosey and see what you think!  (pinks the link)

Rustic Plant Markers ( Flower Top ) - Little Brick House

'Cyril Squirrel' - Stone Art

Mosaic Bird House - Mosaics & Crafts @ Dawn

Handpainted Metal Vases - Dutch Style

All Purpose Apron - Made by Loumms

Pink & Yellow Garden Bunting - Kate P Sews

Fairy Door - Gelert Design

Mosaic Jar Lantern - Diomo Glass


OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Some fave shops of mine here but Stone Art is a new one on me - Cyril is just lovely! Have a nice day with ya Mom. (PS my Tesco tommy plants are doing brilliantly!)

Anonymous said...

I love the mosaic bird house!

Gemma said...

Wow! That bird house is amazing. Great finds

Esme Dodsworth said...

Lovely theme and finds :-)
I love the mosaic birdhouse and the hand painted vases so pretty :-)

Ellie's Treasures said...

Ooh, love that bird house. Great picks. Elaine

Quincifer said...

Great picks, love the bird house and the vases :) x

Bliss Knits said...

You can ALWAYS find something else that your garden 'needs' can't you?!!

I'm with the others - that mosaic birdbox is amazing! Some great picks this week. x