Doodle Schmoodle

Im taking part in a 30 day Doodle Challenge, being hosted by Betty's Place 

All you have to do is print the daily themed page and doodle on it!  There's also a Flickr pool for everyone taking part to upload their creations to.

Ill be posting all my doodles on my blog as I do them...although there may be a few days between blog posts :/

so here goes

Day One was yesterday (19.7.10)
The theme was 'Me Me Me...'

heres the template...

and heres my doodle...

Day Two (20.7.10)
The theme was 'My Pirate Self...'

heres the template

and heres my doodle...

roll on day 3........wonder what the theme will be :)


Bumpo said...

your doodles are mad good! its funny you've been a follower of my blog for a while (folksy i think) but i've never been able to find yours, the profile just comes up blank, but yeah, found ya now :)

Kellie said...

yay :)

thanks for the loving yours from today! cool negative space