Folksy Friday #13

School's out for Summer!

Well in Northern Ireland it is anyway :D   School officially finishes next Wednesday and what better way to celebrate than playing a little Alice Cooper on Guitar Hero! (this is not me, I am more of a 'beginner' level gamer)   As a Technician I work a few weeks of the summer, but can't wait for the teachers and pupils to finish....

"No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's dirty looks"
(pinks the link)

Soft leather satchel - Hold on to your Handbag

Vintage Resistor and Capacitor Necklace - Bertie

GEEK! Mini Notebook - Senor Picklesworth

Childrens Alphabet - Hello Monkey

Geeky Science Mug - Mugnifique

Super Cool Apple Jacket - Rosie Plumpton

Lambswool Pencil Scarf - Sara Carr

Vintage Map Postcards - A Bird in the Hand


Gemma said...

Fantastic finds!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING

Anonymous said...

That necklace is very cool! Genius idea!


Quincifer said...

Great choices, i LOVE the geeky mug! x

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

You always find really interesting things - I'm really like the apple jacket - cool idea! x

Leanne said...

Brilliant finds. I really love the little apple jacket:)

Kellie said...

i know, the apple jackets great, i bought one for a friend this week!
have a lovely weekend everyone and cheers for the comments xx

Mary Elliott Jewellery said...

I love the satchel!

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

Love all your finds especially the satchel and apple jacket!Have a good weekend,xxx