Folksy Friday #11

Shoot Low Sheriff!
He’s ridin' a Shetland!

How many of you actually get to watch TV? come on now...if you have a partner like mine you'll most likely be priviledged to watch wee snippets here and there in between epic battles on Call of Duty : Modern Warfare! ...but i have to say, RED DEAD REDEMPTION has me hooked, theres an immense amount of detail, from the dust clouds on the ground to the sunlight streaming between mountains towards the end of the day.  Just watch this...awesome game!!

Oh...and remember...Dont squat with your spurs on!!  :D

(Pinks the link)

Autumn Colours Poncho by Candyfloss

Foal - Original Water Colour by Eastwitching

Country Cactus Studs Earrings by Very Vintage Designs

Hand Made Paper Notebook - Rocky Mountains Cowboy by Zuzushop

Upcycled Frame Purse by Lilidrawspictures

Pooches Bandana by Creative Knits

Personalised Cowboy Drawstring Bag by Polka Dots and Posies

and how can you have a Western theme without including....
Happy Birthday Hoss Card by Konnie Kapow!


Konnie Kapow! said...

I'm honoured!

Thanks very much for including my card 'lil lady!


Mary Poppins said...

Thank you so much you could be my lucky charm as I sold one of my cowboy P.E. bags not long ago this evening :0) Thank you very much I really apreciate it and have loved looking at all the other items XX

Anonymous said...

Oooh Love the purse!! Fab folksy friday :)

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Know what you mean about TV time! Brilliant selection of items today, I love your theme. The purse is very cool & the foal pic is gorgeous. x

Mrs Mac said...

Love your choices. The drawstring bag is my favourite :o)

Anonymous said...

Great picks! Loving the doggy bandana!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work!
That clutch bag is always so popular - I need to make some more OOAK cowgirl clutches!

Kay (lilidrawspictures)

averilpam said...

Great choices, I love the foal painting especially

Gemma said...

Great finds. That poncho is sooooo me. Just my colours. Cute cactus earrings too!

Minky Magic said...

Cute selection! Hopped over on the McLinky express to say hi! Marie x

NOfkantsCurios said...

That foal water colour is stunning!

Great choices!!!

Natalie x