Morning with Ashleigh & Logan

We started the morning with a trip to Deidre's chocolate shop Co Couture it's located in the basement of a gorgeous Georgian townhouse on Chichester St (few doors up from Oscar's Champagne Cafe) as soon as you open the door you are greeted with the smell of Venezuelan Black.  Even though she was preparing for the Chocolate festival at St.George's and hadn't quite opened yet, she let us come in... she was lovely, taking the time for a chat and a little sampling.  My neice, Logan (6yr old chocolate connoisseur!!) was delighted with her choice of truffles and her little box finished off with a delightful gold leaf seal.  I bought a bag of chocolate fudge and one of dark chocolate honeycomb clusters... as you can see from the picture, I'd 'nibbled' my way through most of it before getting home!

St.George's was bunged to the rafters, with lots of Easter themed stalls and huge queues...we queued for 35mins just to get our hands on the lovely French man's chocolate & strawberry crepes for Logan.

Whilst me and Ashleigh choose a more savoury lunch to cut through the chocolate, both picking yummy curries from Indian Nights Inn.  The 'wee jampot' wasn't there, so no banana curd or chili jam :(

< Logan waiting patiently in line for her crepe...with a piece of my chocolate fudge to 'tide' her over!!
...but it was all worth while to see her chocolate smile.

We then made a swift dash across town to Craftworld, which was also bunged, did manage to buy some new buttons, papers, Mod Podge & ribbons though, which I plan to put to good use tomorrow. 

Couldn't help taking a photo of the lovely china on display as we passed Equinox.  The afternoon was finished watching the rain bounce on Bedford St from the comfort of a lovely sofa in The Little Cupcake Cafe with a strong cup of black coffee and a banana & peanut butter cupcake....bliss :)


Sugarplum Kawaii said...

What a delicious day out you had.... Chocolates, Coffee and Cake....a scrumptious trio indeed!

Kellie said...

thanks for your comment

it was a bad day... as in, very naughty! :)