Sober as a judge!

ok, so it's Friday night, there's no glass of red in my hand and im writing a blog...

But I do have an early start, Im meeting my sister and her daughter to go to the 'Chocolate Festival' in St.George's Market as part of the 'Great Belfast Food Week' compensate for missing the lovely Gino D'Acampo last night (I'm now singing the Dexy's Midnight Runners song "Oh-oh-oh Geno-o" to my cat!)

The plan of action for the morra is... buy and eat lots of chocolate (naturally), buy more
chili jam & banana curd from 'The wee jampot' and some curry sauces from  the currysauceco.  Then a jaunt round to Craftworld, Abacus Beads & The Paragon as I fancy some new add to the mountain in the spare room :)