...It's been a good week!

you may remember me mentioning here that i was experimenting with oxides and matt translucent glaze .........well, the results: a little too much oxide me thinks, but i do love the pattern and the colour!  Im going to try a few more samples next week if the kiln holds out.....Ive also mentioned that she is about to cave in on me and in desperate need of her annual service, but it will have to wait until the AS and A2 exams are over!

the whole internal ceiling of the kiln is about  to collapse, it shifts quite a bit everytime I open and close the door and makes a horrible wee cry for help........fingers crossed she stays with me until the end of June :/


A few other things Ive been working on recently have involved me making friends with Mod Podge, Bottle Caps & Dominos again...  Its been a long time but Ive finally come back to them.  Ive got whole jars full of magnets and brooch findings...so hopefully Ill get some finished soon and listed in my Folksy Shop.

My good news this week is that I had my Secret Garden Necklace featured on the Cuteable website, had 4 sales within an hour on Folksy last night, have set up a shopping cart for my Facebook Fanpage, which should hopefully go live early next week and Ive also agreed to Guest blog a few tutorials...ill give you the link when Im done!   ....this has indeed been a good week  :)


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! *crosses fingers for kiln*

Kellie said...

thank you....i have everything crossed!! :/