Sunday Surgery

What a cracker weekend, the sun was out in full effect here in Norn Iron!!  The only downside being that the Open Surf Championships held in Portrush, had to be postponed as there was NO SURF!! :( the pink link for rescheduled details.

So I took myself off to these 2 events on Sunday afternoon...

FATC Vintage Sundays
@ The Empire      
The Fashion Souk
        @ The Ulster Hall         

Bought a few wee bits and bobs, mostly ribbons & buttons, had to restrain myself at FATC as there was so much gorgeous Vintage Jewellery on sale, and I fell a little in love with an Art Deco pillbox.

Would also like to thank LYNWOOD for featuring my sewing accessories set in her blog this week :

Also need to mention BLONDE DESIGN as I won a gorgeous tissue case cover in her Facebook Giveaway!  exciting, never won a giveaway before :)  I shall, of course, post the pictures when I recieve it.

Last... but in no means least....VALENTINO ROSSI aka 'THE DOCTOR', little gem, he won the first race of the 2010 MotoGP at Qatar last night, this was indeed what the doctor ordered to finish off my Sunday night on a high :)



I love your sewing sets, they are sp 'liberty' in style, if you catch my drift.....Kx

Kellie said...

thank you, ive a few more that i really should get around to listing... sometime! x