Folksy Friday #3

Vintage Lace

Not feeling so hot today, i feel like my heads full of custard...have a sinus infection :(  cant wait until 4.30pm tomorrow to finish work for the weekend, been a loooooooooong week!!  Im posting this at midnight on a Thursday because things are mental at the minute and ill not get a chance tomorrow.  The GCSE art exhibiton is due to be mounted on Wednesday so things are buzzing in our department, trying to get everything finished and have been loading, firing, unloading, glazing, firing ... my wee kilns in serious need of some TLC too, theres a huge crack in the interior ceiling which gets repinned and cemented every summer by the lovely Billy @ Ulster Ceramics...but it's not looking like it's not gonna make it until the end of June. 

We recently got a phone call from Homebase offering the school some old paint and wallpaper they were chucking, said it was all awful looking stuff but someone might be able to use it... so we swiftly filled a trolley full of some great old flocked wallpaper and that other raised stuff thats got foam in it??? dunno the name, but some gorgeous patterns... anyway, ive been experimenting rolling it onto slabs of clay, the same way you would do with lace.  I have then used some oxides and matt transluscent glaze.  I put them in for a firing on Wednesday morning and the kiln had just come down to 230oC before I finished today, couldn't resist, opened the kiln anyway and had a quick peak... looks interesting! Ill take some photos tomorrow when they have cooled properly and stick them on here over the weekend... im thinking, buttons, hangings, pendants... la de dadada  ****skips off merrily in her mind***

back to Folksy Friday and Im going with lovely vintage finds and lace!
hope you like the picks this week :)
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Ginger and Lace 12x8 matte print by Gingerlillytea

Vintage style lace capelet by Belledujour

Brooch by Pantsandpaper

Cream Rose Hair Comb & Cream Boddy Pins Set by Josephines

Artist Card - 1895 by Pavlova's Art Loft

Vintage sewing supplies from H J D Crafts


Minky Magic said...

Just joined Folksy recently and have popped over from the forum to say hello and see your selection's - which are rally lovely, right up my street! I've just started following you too!

Bettys Place said...

What a very romantic looking theme :)

Quincifer said...

Lovely delicate collection x

Kellie said...

thank you....tigerlillyteas image just evoked the whole gorgeous!