"Drip drip drop ...."


I started several little appliques a few weeks ago and was reminded about this wee fella when I looked out the windy this morning, let's just say  'April showers'  is an understatement!!  There's a small lake forming in our front garden and a river on the road outside, I feel like going fishing :) ...might catch a drowned bumblebee.

Update on the Craft Swap - I have now found my 6 participants and would like to say thank-you!! 

I've decided not to send one of my ready made items but to make a new one for my recipient... inspired by Ballypatrick Forest.  It's a place that's very dear to me as many a Sunday in my childhood was spent there, especially at Easter.  On our birthdays we always got to choose where we wanted to spend the day, my sister's birthday is mid April so she would always pick Ballypatrick for a picnic...  marzipan bunnies on a cake, praying our car would make it through the fjord, taking our shoes off for a paddle, and sitting on Daddy's knee steering as we went on the lovely drive through the forest... the sun always seemed to shine when we were wee :) 

So, hopefully I'll get my item finished today or early tomorrow, ready to be passed on...I am excited!

Another idea I've had came from an overnight visit to my sister, watching my niece drawing in the morning, I asked her to do a few for me in my journal... I have since scanned them in and hope to make them into appliqued drawings in the not so distant future
.....they're cute heh??


OddgirlCreates said...

It is really nice to here the inspiration for my gift, thank you so much! It looks beautiful there. I agree your neices drawings are amazing, they would be fab used as an applique, a really nice gift idea for her to treasure aswell!

Kellie said...

thanks Lucie, ive promised her that ill choose one and make her an appliqued mini tote :)

...might do one foe me too!