Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Hmmm, heading to get my hair cut tomorrow, I hate the hairdressers, I hate having to look in that big mirror for an hour... one of my sisters is my hairdresser, she shouts at me for fidgetting and i get the odd whack round the lug hole with the scissors to tell me to straighten my head... apparently Im worse than a child :/  can't decide whether to have my fringe cut back in or not, always the same dilemma, get it cut, spend months growing it out and think I want it back, then grow it out again... fringes are hard to manage, they need almost daily washing (especially if you footer with your hair as much as me) I'll prob make the decision whilst it's being washed...another thing i hate but wont dwell on!

Right,  finished my craft swap item yesterday and also made a few new gift tags...
First, the Item for the swap

and my latest little trio of gift tags now available in my Folksy shop... I have a few more little pieces on the go, but they will have to be finished on Saturday when I return, should hopefully get them listed on Sunday!


Quincifer said...

Oooh pretty!!!