Thumbs Up!!

I took my niece to the Ulster Museum Saturday before last ... they have a little ArtSpace on the top floor with all kinds of activities with the resident artists...the theme that is currently running is 'self portraits'  You can choose to draw a small self portrait which is then made into a badge or a thumb print portrait which is then pasted to the walls, here's how we got on....

Logan loves art, she wants to be a designer when she grows up, which makes my heart shine!! ...and today the gorgeous Logan turned 7  

Happy Birthday Loggie Bear  :)


OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Such a great idea - they would make really cool badges - Logan's drawing would look super on one of your domino brooches. (Happy Birthday for yesterday :))

Anonymous said...

Hey, your blog is fab? Can I link this page to our Discover Art Zone, Ulster Museum facebook page? Thanks! :)