Folksy Friday #19

I was over the moon to receive an email from Hilary @ Haptree this week asking me to guest write the Folksy Friday section on the Folksy Blog...  I accepted immmediately and then went into panic over drive!! I had 3 themes running around my brain but the one I was happiest with was my '1986 Mega Mix' of tomorrow morning, you can view my little Folksy post here so happy :)

(scroll down for my own post and links to the shops...cheers)

"I made you a mix tape..."

This coming Tuesday sees Channel 4 broadcast the first episode of THIS IS ENGLAND ’86 and I’m very excited, not just because I’m a huge fan of Shane Meadows, but because I remember that year so clearly… It was the year of Halleys Comet, Short Circuit, Ferris Bueller, The World Cup, Transformers, Mike Tyson and one of my all time favourite films ‘The Money Pit’

1986…I’m 9 years old and my world revolves around Michael Jackson, roller skating, Cherry Cola, Atari, making up dance routines, swapping Panini stickers, reading Smash Hits….and taping the charts. We’ve all done it, precise timing of the pause button was crucial, and when we’d finished? …we made mix tapes on hi-speed dubbing!

I hope you enjoy my mix tape from Folksy this week!  (pinks the link)

Ipod , Itouch, Iphone case/cover - Beautiful Skin

Smash Hits! – Comf!

Handmade Cassette Keychain – Cut Copy Create

Beat Box Design Mug – Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

Orange Cassette Tape iPhone Case – Crank Cases

Retro 80's Style Ghetto Blaster Boombox Necklace - Strawberry Anarchy


craftylittlemia said...

Funky items!! Love the mug, and the iPod cases, and the necklaces are cool!


Leanne said...

Great selection. I was only five that year and still hadn't learnt the fine art of hitting that pause button at just the right moment, but I got there in the end. God the 80s were brilliant.

Esme Dodsworth said...

I love these items :-) I have such fond memories of the 80s and being a kid!

Miss Mary Elliott said...

Cool selection! Little Shaun is all grown up too!


I also love Shane medows and am v excited about this is england '86' programe, which starts on my b' day ! Woop! brilliant theme this week love all of the items. Also I was only a 2 year old this year so remember bugger all x

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Will look out for the prog! The film was excellent. The two pod cases are tres chic! x

wellydog said...

I was a bit older in the 80's but have very fond memories of making mixed tapes and playing them to my babies..Nice trip down memory lane, Janice x

Kellie said...

cheers everyone :)
glad you all have such fond memories of the 8Ts and tapes...cant wait for this series...Shauns all grown up but Woody (Joe Gilgun) is mighty fine!!! ...fancied him since he was a wee scamp in Corrie years ago...odd taste in men me

have a lovely weekend xx

Kate said...

Oh I love your selection, I do miss the mix tape, mp3's just not the same!