I got mail.......

First thing I received was the Tissue Case I won in BlondeDesigns Facebook giveaway, as my profile picture on FB at the time was a Cookie Monster Cupcake (om nom nom)..... Karen used some pretty cupcake fabric and lined it with Amy Butlers full moon.  BlondeDesigns Blog and Folksy Shop!!  thank you Karen :) xx

My second item to arrive yesterday was from the BIG BLOG CARD SWAP...I recieved a card from Vicky at Accidentalvix, it's from her anonymity range......the idea that it's the surroundings and situation that are important and the person could be anyone!
Vickys Website and Folksy Shop

Below is the card I sent as part of the swap, together with a matching gift tag....I have to confess I was late in posting this off, I haven't really got an excuse other than time just seems to be escaping me lately....I really can't believe its May already! ........where has this year gone?

Ive saved the best for last....Ive wanted this for soooooooo long, I finally bagged me an old letterpress tray on Ebay, it arrived on Monday (delayed post due to the Bank Holiday and Irish airspace being shut twice last week....seriously Volcano, errupt already!!!)   As you can see it's in desperate need of a good clean, but Im so thrilled by it Im gonna have to share it with you all.....see the one wee bit I did clean?? ...that took me about 20 minutes, gonna be ages before I get this bad boy finished but I cant wait to display all me booty......yo ho ho :)


averilpam said...

It's going to be a labour of love to clean up that tray! What will you use it for?

Kellie said...

Tell me about it...probably another thing to add to the long finger! Im planning on using it as a display case for all my wee 'treasures' ...all the things that mean something to me... i have tiny trinkets that belonged to my granny, stones collected from a beach with my dad, the cork from the champagne bottle for my 30th, my silver jubilee coin....that kinda thing, i have a spot earmarked in my hall for it already :)