Bank Holiday

Oh how I love any excuse for a long weekend off work....... It was the Belfast Marathon on Monday and as we live on the last mile stretch, we decided to get away for the day.  We headed up to the north coast to Mussenden Temple and Gardens, now owned by the National Trust, walked down to the dam, through the gardens and up the cliff to the Belvedere, Temple and Downhill House.  On our way we stopped off in Ballymena, took a wee jaunt around the back of the old tech and had a nosey in the window....this is were Andrew and I met, doing our Art Foundation Course, it was strange being back there, seeing our old room and were our desks once sat! .......that was 14 years ago this month. 

On our wee day out we stopped off in Castlerock, drove the car down onto Downhill beach and had a 'garage bought' picnic whilst watching the kitesurfing buggies. 

We took the steep, winding drive up to Gortmore viewing point, you get such amazing views of Donegal, Benone Beach, Magilligan Point (can even see the prison) and right around the coast from Castlerock to Portstewart and Portrush, but the wind up there would have cut you in two.  On the way out to Magilligan.....there are little prefab bungalows all along Seacoast Road which have always facinated me....the backdrop of the mountain and waterfalls and view of the sea to the front.......i think i might like to live in one :)


Bluebelle said...

Sounds lovely and romantic, beaches are a perfect place to go for day trips. :)

Kellie said...

I grew up on the North Coast....the beach was my playground, I try to get down home at least once or twice a month :) x