My favourite Christmas Toys

I watched the Channel 4 programme 100 Greatest Toys with Johnathan Ross 
on Sunday night, what a great bit of nostalgia...
but the toys I loved getting and still remember fondly were
  • Plasticine
  • Fuzzy Felt
  • A big rainbow pack of Felt Tips
  • Lego
  • and anything FISHER PRICE...

What toys do you remember fondly....Do you still have them?

 Play Desk & School House

Family House



Pull Along Lacing Boot

Baby Toys

Little People

and a few others we had


dawn said...

OMG The playdesk, the till, the activity centre ... you have just stirred positive memories I didn't know I had. We still have a carousel that plays the little plastic records when you turned the handle, it was one of my favourite toys, my favourite tune was Edelweiss. :)

Great blog :)

averilpam said...

Some of the toys you pictured look very familiar, my daughter probably had some of them!
I had a meccano set - metal strips joined together with real nuts and bolts to make things, I loved it though my family thought it was a 'boys toy'. I also loved marbles and my dolls - some of the earliest soft plastic dolls (yes I'm that old I'm talking about the late 50's!)I desperately wanted a dolls pram but it was too expensive. I also had a dolls house that my dad had made for my sister and was passed down to me.

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Super post...I'm so old though all my toys from the early 1970's were made of wood and tin! (-;

Merry Christmas by the way and cheers!

Kellie said...

Dawn -

just for you :)

Merry Christmas everyone, glad i sparked a few memories


dawn said...

Lol, yup, that is the one :) My nieces and nephew have played with it too, I think it is getting a bit dusty at my mum and dad's now though :) It's a timeless classic! It says in that link 1960s - I wonder where ours came from, I wasn't around until 1980 :)

Thank you :)

Merry Christmas! x

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

The playdesk! How could I have forgotten about that!? I loved mine so, so much. I really miss it now . . . boo. Fantastic post, great time of year for some nostalgia and the time when toys may have been made from plastic, but were still made to last!

TopCat76 said...

OH MY!! I had about 7 or 8 of those Fisher Price toys, I had the desk and totally utterly loved it!! We are kindred spirits, my favourite gifts were also new felt tip pens and plasticine.. I am looking forward to reliving my youth through my 2 year old daughter!