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Kellie xx

Jellie & the Bean

I was given the nickname Jelliebean, in work, by the postman about 8 years ago...it all started when I received mail addressed to Jellie rather than Kellie, easy mistake to make as 'J' & 'K' are side by side on a keyboard. The name has stuck and thats why I use it for my Twitter & Blogger accounts.

As alot of you know Im due my own 'Wee Bean' in just under 2 weeks on the 22nd May, I am so excited, I cant wait to meet my little one.  Im booked into the Ulster Hospitals Maternity Unit in Dundonald, I choose the Ulster as I would like to be able to use the Home from Home Unit

This is a new unit within the Ulster Hospital. It is a midwife-led unit consisting of seven spacious rooms, all with ensuite facilities and birthing pool. It is designed to give low risk women a homely environment in which to labour, give birth and stay until discharged home within 24 hours of delivery.


Sounds great doesnt it? Only one problem, Ive had high Blood Pressure since my booking appointment,  Ive been seen by both my Doctor and the Consultancy care team at the hospital throughout my pregnancy...my Blood Pressure has been consistently high the past 2 weeks so I now get 2 weekly visits from the Community Midwives as well...I cannot complain about the care and attention Ive received, everyones been great!  The only downside is that everytime my blood pressure is read I get sent to the Day Obstetrics Unit (DOU) to have a CTG and BP series ran...this can take hours, and it doesnt bother me, I get a scan, can hear the babys heartbeat and my BP usually stabilizes within an hour or so,  I have always been sent back home afterwards, except on Friday.

On Friday my BP remained at a very high level throughout the day, the midwife sent me off to the DOU and they ran their tests again, but this time the Doctor advised I started a course of medication to lower and stabilise my BP, she prescribed Methyldopa and explained the various side effects to us.  I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to see the consultant, so heres hoping this medication has worked and my BP is lower!!

The Beans Progress:

Bean is healthy, currently weighing in at 6lbs 6ozs...with 2 weeks yet to go  :D

 10 Weeks
 15 Weeks

17 Weeks

20 Weeks

28 Weeks