'Bout Ye???

Long time...no blog!

I cant believe how much Ive neglected my poor wee blog, I did try and keep it up to date, but the longer I left between posts, the harder i found it to come back to.

But I am plunging myself back in and I hope to share

  • crafty tips and ideas
  • the odd wee recipe
  • some sources of inspiration
  • my latest makes & shop listings
  • moments of madness
  • thoughts on being a mother
  • wee days out and mini adventures
  • my thrifty finds and love of everything Vintage
  • and the little things that make my day. 

Ive also realised that I havent introduced wee Maisie Moo on my blog....for those of you that have been following me for a while, you'll know I had my baby girl back in May 2011.

here she is....
 Maisie Evelyn
5lbs 4oz

Its been the most amazing year and truely has flown by, but it has been a joy to watch her grow and her little personality develop....I only wish life had a PAUSE button sometimes!!

My school report always read 'Must try harder' and I think its about time I did, I promise to blog more, honest!............hope you'll stick with me ;)

Kellie x


The mum of all trades said...

Aw Maisie is gorgeous. I am always glad to find another Norn Iron blogger!

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