Winter Wonderland Craft Swap

It's Christmas Swapping Time :)

I love themed Swaps and have chosen the theme of
'Winter Wonderland' 

you can make whatever you want, the theme can be interpreted anyway you like...something christmas/winter themed would be excellent, but it doesnt have to be …as long as it’s HAND MADE and it’s something you’d be happy to receive yourself. Any craft discipline can be used.

to sign up, please comment on this post leaving your email address so i can contact you for your details and also send you the address of your swap partner.

Usually in a swap people send one handmade item, maybe a few supplies…off cuts of fabric/ribbon/card etc… and even sweet treats!! :)

Sign Up will be open until the end of NOV 19th, I’ll assign partners the following week and your item would need to be ready to post no later than 9th DEC please.

This swap is NOT OPEN INTERNATIONALLY, sorry!!!

REMEMBER:: Swaps are fun!! ive been involved in some lovely swaps, recieving gorgeous items each time…. you never know what you’ll get and its a great way to exchange business cards too


Sweetie Netts said...

Hi Kellie - just seen yr message on Folksy so am now visiting yr blog.

I confess I've not swapped or blogged before so hope I am doing the right thing!

I've got lots of Xmas cards and gift tags for sale in my Folksy shop and would like to join in!

Thank you, Jeanette x
(Sweetie Netts)

Charlotte said...

Hi! Following your link from Folksy forum. My email is:

I have a blog:

But not posted on it for ages. Hoping to get it going again soon.
Look forward to hearing more details about the swap!

Melita said...

I'd love to participate :)


folksy shop:

Nicola said...

I'm not set up with a shop online yet, can I still join in though?

Seen your message on twitter @Nicolab295

My Wife Your Wife said...


I'd loved to get involved, my email is:

You can check out which kind of things I create on Facebook:

Kellie said...

you do not need to have an online shop or blog, just be a keen crafter who is willing to make something to send to someone else... ill compile a list of participants as they sign up here and email you all after the sign up date (19th NOV) has passed, with the details of the person you are sending to. Hopefully by then we'll have more than 6 participants :)

dillydollydaydream said...

Hiya, tried last night but my computer was having a strop! ;-)

I'd love to join in and will see if I can tempt some others too!

(@DDdaydream on Twitter)

Sarah x

The Sunflower Seed said...

Really looking forward to this as it's not something I have done before.

Cheshire Cat Crafts said...

I am very interested in doing a swap- I've not done one before, but I saw this on folksy forum so I'd like to sign up for it.

My email:

My blog is:


pictureofgrace said...

I'd love to do a swap!

My e-mail is

Dannie said...

As it's UK only, I'd love to.

What kind of budget are we thinking?

Kellie said...

ill be emailing everyone this evening anyway, but under £10 would prob be best but its totally up to you!