Folksy Friday #32

Spring Cleaning & Storage

I was browsing Folksy looking for items to feature under the Spring Cleaning theme when I got sidetracked and came across a lot of lovely new items that I just had to include...hence the storage bit, so lets just say, this week its all about getting things in order, becoming a little more organised...and not necessarily cleaning!  ;)
Hope you enjoy my choices
(Pinks the link)


Handpainted Clothes Hangers - Angel Bells

Half Apron - Bagladee

Larder Labels - Betsy Jarvis

Hand Printed Apple Plastic Bag Dispenser - Black Cactus in London

Ceramic Pail with Sissal Handle - Caroline Nash Crafts

Blue Spotty Dolly Pegs - Crafted

"Where are my keys?" - Spare Minute Productions

Custom Reclaimed Timber Shelves - True

and here are 2 of my own 'Spring Cleaning' inspired items for the darling housewife
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FairlyGirly said...

What a great selection, I love them all.

Have a great weekend.