Folksy Friday #31


There's only 8 weeks left until little Beans due date, time is flying by so quickly now and we are seriously trying to get organised...not prepared, I honestly don't know if we'll ever fully be prepared!!! :/

Its such an exciting time but Im a bundle of nerves too.  Im getting less and less sleep as I get bigger and just lie there thinking about what still needs to be sorted.  Ive been getting up a stupid o'clock just to clear the fridge out or brush the floor, I search for things that need to be cleaned... I just hope this isnt a sign that Bean is gonna put in an early show as I still have 3 weeks of work to go!!

as always pinks the link

 Nature is Precious - Come Day Go Day

 Elm 'Nest' Bowl - Eastfield Design

Chalk Turquoise Wire Wrapped Ring - Gimme That Thing

 Bird House Needlecase - Linen Tree

 The Nest Best Thing - Pea Pod Jewellery

 Needle Felted Nest Bowl - That Fuzzy Feeling


A Deegan said...

that's a serious nesting folksy friday. I don't think it is ever possible to be fully prepared so make sure you find some time to put your feet up and relax!

Mrs Mac said...

great choices! I agree, I'm sure you can never be completely prepared for the chaos a new baby brings with it ... you just have to expect the unexpected and go with it!

thanks for joining the blog hop

Helen x

lisamarie (maytreelane) said...

lovely picks today.
i had my hospital bag packed at 6 months for my first! (if I'm honest I had 2, one for a normal delivery, and then an extra one in case i had a section and had to stay longer - I have serious list writing issues)
keep us posted on little bean

lisamarie x

Kellie said...

thanks everyone... i have my bag(s) packed but as its my first and ive never even been in hospital i dont know what to expect so have one for me and one for bean, probably too much stuff in both but like lisaMarie im planning for all outcomes. As long as i can finish work and get one week off before the arrival ill be grand...i think :/ dread going too early, will keep you all posted

Thank you
Kellie xx

linentree said...

Thanks Kellie, for featuring my needlecase. It's the best thing having a bean - used to call mine that before he was born, now he's 20 and 6ft 2, more of a bean stalk!!
Good luck, you sound like you're getting good and ready!

ThatFuzzyFeeling said...

What a great idea for a Folksy Friday - perfect for a nest-making mum-to-be! Lovely items, and thank you for including one of my felt nest bowls! All the best for the next few weeks and the arrival of your little bean,
Liz :)